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Not content in running your own web site along with the cost of hosting fees and other ISP charges. Give your business web presence by having your pages positioned on PlanetAus Tourism.

Hundreds of tourism business already employ the services of PlanetAus Tourism. These businesses benefit from a low cost solution that displays their photographs and other important information for their business. This has provide grwoth with healthy customer bases. Open your market scope to new customer bases and broaden, not only local markets, but a growing global market.

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PlanetAus Tourism does not charge any upfront or annual fee. Instead our fee is calculated on traffic sent to your business.

With our click thru policy you only pay for the visitors we send to you. Capped at $130 there is no risk of receiving a blown out account.

Remember, until someone clicks through to your website your advertisement is absolutely free, no matter how many times we display it.

Click Thru's Fee
1 - 1000 $0.05 / Click thru
1001 - 5000 $0.02 / Click thru
5001+ No Charge

  Web Pages Direct Link

Business listed in Township Category

Phone number displayed

Business listed higher on pages

Photograph and brief description with listing

Business displayed in Banner Advertising across the website

Up to 5 webpages  

Feature Page  

Booking Form  

Photographs Page  

Location Page  

Link to Personal Website

Access to members area for editing your information / marketing and advertising tips

Not confident creating your own web pages!

Setup Charge: $100

Have the team at PlanetAUS Tourism enter your information, scan photographs, etc... Simply send your brochure, text, photos to PlanetAus Tourism.

FUTURE CHANGES to Pages are charged on an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.

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