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Townships [D]

Daadenning Creek [The Heartlands, WA]
Daceyville [Sydney, NSW]
Dadswells Bridge [Grampians, VIC]
Daggar Hills [Mid West, WA]
Daglish [Perth, WA]
D'Aguilar [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Daintree [Tropical North, QLD]
Daisy Hill [Brisbane, QLD]
Dajarra [Outback Queensland, QLD]
Dakabin [Brisbane, QLD]
Dalby [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Daleys Point [Central Coast, NSW]
Dalgety [Snowy Mountains, NSW]
Dalkeith [Perth, WA]
Dallas [Melbourne, VIC]
Dalmeny [South Coast, NSW]
Dalmore [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Dalrymple Heights [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Dalton [Capital Country, NSW]
Dalveen [Southern Downs, QLD]
Dalwallinu [The Heartlands, WA]
Dalwood [The Hunter, NSW]
Daly River [Katherine, NT]
Daly Waters [Katherine, NT]
Dalyellup [South West, WA]
Dalyston [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Dampier [The Pilbra, WA]
Dampier Peninsula [The Kimberleys, WA]
Dandaragan [The Heartlands, WA]
Dandenong [Melbourne, VIC]
Dandenong South [Melbourne, VIC]
Dandongadale [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Dangar [The Hunter, NSW]
Dangar Island [Sydney, NSW]
Dangarfield [The Hunter, NSW]
Dangin [The Heartlands, WA]
Dangore [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Dapto [Illawarra, NSW]
Darbys Falls [Explorer Country, NSW]
Darch [Perth, WA]
Dardanup [South West, WA]
Dardanup West [South West, WA]
Dareton [Living Outback, NSW]
Dargalong [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Dargan [Blue Mountains, NSW]
Dargo [Lakes and Wilderness, VIC]
Dark Corner [Explorer Country, NSW]
Darkan [The Heartlands, WA]
Darke Peak [Eyre Peninsula, SA]
Darkes Forest [Illawarra, NSW]
Darlimurla [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Darling [Melbourne, VIC]
Darling Downs [Perth, WA]
Darling Heights [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Darling Point [Sydney, NSW]
Darlinghurst [Sydney, NSW]
Darlington [Sydney, NSW]
Darlington [Perth, WA]
Darlington [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Darlington [Adelaide, SA]
Darlington Point [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Darnick [Living Outback, NSW]
Darnum [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Daroobalgie [Explorer Country, NSW]
Darra [Brisbane, QLD]
Darraweit Guim [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Darriman [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Dartbrook [The Hunter, NSW]
Dartmoor [Mid West, WA]
Dartmoor [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Dartmouth [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Dartnall [Great Southern, WA]
Darwin [Darwin and Top End, NT]
Davidson [Sydney, NSW]
Davis [Huon Valley, TAS]
Davis Creek [The Hunter, NSW]
Davistown [Central Coast, NSW]
Davoren Park [Adelaide, SA]
Daw Park [Adelaide, SA]
Dawes Point [Sydney, NSW]
Dawesville [Peel, WA]
Dayboro [Brisbane, QLD]
Daydream Island [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Daylesford [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Daymar [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Daysdale [The Murray, NSW]
De Grey [The Pilbra, WA]
Deagon [Brisbane, QLD]
Deakin [Capital Country, ACT]
Dean [Goldfields, VIC]
Dean Park [Sydney, NSW]
Deans Marsh [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Deception Bay [Brisbane, QLD]
Deddington [North East Coast, TAS]
Dederang [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Dee [Derwent Valley, TAS]
Dee Why [Sydney, NSW]
Deep Bay [Huon Valley, TAS]
Deepdale [Mid West, WA]
Deepdene [South West, WA]
Deepwater [New England North West, NSW]
Deepwater [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Deer Park [Melbourne, VIC]
Deer Park East [Melbourne, VIC]
Deeragun [Townsville Region, QLD]
Deeral [Tropical North, QLD]
Delacombe [Goldfields, VIC]
Delahey [Melbourne, VIC]
Delamere [Fleurieu Peninsula, SA]
Delegate [Snowy Mountains, NSW]
Deloraine [Meander - Deloraine, TAS]
Delungra [New England North West, NSW]
Denbarker [Great Southern, WA]
Dendy [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Denham [The Gascoyne, WA]
Denham Court [Sydney, NSW]
Denhams Beach [South Coast, NSW]
Deniliquin [The Murray, NSW]
Denistone [Sydney, NSW]
Denistone East [Sydney, NSW]
Denistone West [Sydney, NSW]
Denman [The Hunter, NSW]
Denmark [Great Southern, WA]
Dennes Point [Huon Valley, TAS]
Dennington [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Derby [North East Coast, TAS]
Derby [The Kimberleys, WA]
Derby [Goldfields, VIC]
Dereel [Goldfields, VIC]
Dergholm [Grampians, VIC]
Dernancourt [Adelaide, SA]
Derrimut [Melbourne, VIC]
Derrinallum [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Derwent Bridge [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Derwent Park [Hobart, TAS]
Deua [South Coast, NSW]
Deua River Valley [South Coast, NSW]
Devenish [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Deviot [Tamar Valley, TAS]
Devon Hills [Northern Midlands, TAS]
Devon Meadows [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Devon North [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Devon Park [Adelaide, SA]
Devonport [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Dharruk [Sydney, NSW]
Dhurringile [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Diamond Beach [North Coast, NSW]
Diamond Creek [Melbourne, VIC]
Dianas Basin [North East Coast, TAS]
Dianella [Perth, WA]
Dickson [Capital Country, ACT]
Dicky Beach [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Diddillibah [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Diddleum Plains [North East Coast, TAS]
Digby [Grampians, VIC]
Diggers Rest [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Dignams Creek [South Coast, NSW]
Dilston [Tamar Valley, TAS]
Dimboola [Grampians, VIC]
Dimbulah [Tropical North, QLD]
Dingee [Murray Outback, VIC]
Dingley Village [Melbourne, VIC]
Dingo [Rockhampton, QLD]
Dinmore [Brisbane, QLD]
Dinner Plain [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Dinninup [South West, WA]
Dinoga [New England North West, NSW]
Direk [Adelaide, SA]
Dixons Creek [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Dobies Bight [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dobroyd Point [Sydney, NSW]
Docklands [Melbourne, VIC]
Doctors Rocks [Burnie and North West, TAS]
Dodges Ferry [South East Tasmania, TAS]
Dog Swamp [Perth, WA]
Dolans Bay [Sydney, NSW]
Don [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Don Valley [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Donald [Murray Outback, VIC]
Doncaster [Melbourne, VIC]
Doncaster East [Melbourne, VIC]
Doncaster Heights [Melbourne, VIC]
Dongara [Mid West, WA]
Donnelly River [South West, WA]
Donnybrook [South West, WA]
Donnybrook [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Donnybrook [Melbourne, VIC]
Donvale [Melbourne, VIC]
Doodlakine [The Heartlands, WA]
Dooen [Grampians, VIC]
Dookie [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Doolandella [Brisbane, QLD]
Doomadgee [Tropical North, QLD]
Doomben [Brisbane, QLD]
Doon Doon [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Doongin [The Heartlands, WA]
Doonside [Sydney, NSW]
Dooralong [Central Coast, NSW]
Dora Creek [The Hunter, NSW]
Doreen [Melbourne, VIC]
Dorre Island [The Gascoyne, WA]
Dorrigo [North Coast, NSW]
Dorrington [Brisbane, QLD]
Dorroughby [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Double Bay [Sydney, NSW]
Doubleview [Perth, WA]
Doubtful Creek [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Douglas [Townsville Region, QLD]
Douglas [Grampians, VIC]
Douglas Park [Sydney, NSW]
Douglas River [North East Coast, TAS]
Dover [Huon Valley, TAS]
Dover Gardens [Adelaide, SA]
Dover Heights [Sydney, NSW]
Doveton [Melbourne, VIC]
Dowerin [The Heartlands, WA]
Downer [Capital Country, ACT]
Dowsing Point [Hobart, TAS]
Doyalson [Central Coast, NSW]
Draper [Brisbane, QLD]
Drayton [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Dreeite [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Drewvale [Brisbane, QLD]
Drillham [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Dripstone [Explorer Country, NSW]
Driver [Darwin and Top End, NT]
Dromana [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Drome [Great Southern, WA]
Dromedary [Hobart, TAS]
Drouin [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Drummond [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Drummond Cove [Mid West, WA]
Drummond North [Mid West, WA]
Drummoyne [Sydney, NSW]
Dry Creek [Adelaide, SA]
Dryandra [The Heartlands, WA]
Drysdale [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Duaringa [Rockhampton, QLD]
Dubbo [Explorer Country, NSW]
Dublin [Classic Country, SA]
Duckmaloi [Explorer Country, NSW]
Dudinin [The Heartlands, WA]
Dudley [The Hunter, NSW]
Dudley Park [Adelaide, SA]
Dudley Park [Peel, WA]
Duffy [Capital Country, ACT]
Duffys Forest [Sydney, NSW]
Dulacca [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Dulcot [Hobart, TAS]
Dulong [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Dululu [Rockhampton, QLD]
Dulverton [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Dulwich [Adelaide, SA]
Dulwich Hill [Sydney, NSW]
Dulyalbin [The Heartlands, WA]
Dumbalk [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Dumberning [The Heartlands, WA]
Dumbleyung [The Heartlands, WA]
Dunalley [South East Tasmania, TAS]
Dunbible [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dunbogan [North Coast, NSW]
Dunbulbalane [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Duncraig [Perth, WA]
Dundas [Esperance, WA]
Dundas [Sydney, NSW]
Dundee [New England North West, NSW]
Dundee Beach [Darwin and Top End, NT]
Dundonnell [Grampians, VIC]
Dundowran Beach [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Dunedoo [Explorer Country, NSW]
Dungay [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dungog [The Hunter, NSW]
Dungowan [New England North West, NSW]
Dunk Island [Townsville Region, QLD]
Dunkeld [Grampians, VIC]
Dunkeld [Explorer Country, NSW]
Dunkirk [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Dunlop [Capital Country, ACT]
Dunmora [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Dunmore [Illawarra, NSW]
Dunnstown [Goldfields, VIC]
Dunolly [Goldfields, VIC]
Dunoon [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dunorlan [Meander - Deloraine, TAS]
Dunsborough [South West, WA]
Duntroon [Capital Country, ACT]
Dunwich [Brisbane, QLD]
Durack [Brisbane, QLD]
Dural [Sydney, NSW]
Duramana [Explorer Country, NSW]
Duranbah [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Duranillin [South West, WA]
Durawah [Mid West, WA]
Durham Lead [Goldfields, VIC]
Durham Ox [Murray Outback, VIC]
Duri [New England North West, NSW]
Durong [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Durong South [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Durras [South Coast, NSW]
Durras North [South Coast, NSW]
Dutton Park [Brisbane, QLD]
Duverney [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Dwellingup [Peel, WA]
Dyers Crossing [North Coast, NSW]
Dynnyrne [Hobart, TAS]
Dyraaba [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dyraaba Central [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dyraaba Creek [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Dysart [Rockhampton, QLD]
Dysart [Derwent Valley, TAS]

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