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Townships [H]

Haasts Bluff [Central Australia, NT]
Habana [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Haberfield [Sydney, NSW]
Hackett [Capital Country, ACT]
Hacketts Gully [Perth, WA]
Hackham [Adelaide, SA]
Hackney [Adelaide, SA]
Haddon [Goldfields, VIC]
Haden [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Hadfield [Melbourne, VIC]
Hadspen [Launceston, TAS]
Hagley [Launceston, TAS]
Hahndorf [Adelaide, SA]
Haigslea [Brisbane, QLD]
Halfway Creek [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Halidon [Big River Country, SA]
Halifax [Townsville Region, QLD]
Hall [Capital Country, ACT]
Hallam [Melbourne, VIC]
Hallett [Classic Country, SA]
Hallett Cove [Adelaide, SA]
Hallidays Point [North Coast, NSW]
Halls Creek [The Kimberleys, WA]
Halls Gap [Grampians, VIC]
Halls Head [Peel, WA]
Hallston [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Halton [The Hunter, NSW]
Hamel [Peel, WA]
Hamelin Bay [South West, WA]
Hamelin Pool [The Gascoyne, WA]
Hamersley [Perth, WA]
Hamersley Range [The Pilbra, WA]
Hamilton [Classic Country, SA]
Hamilton [The Hunter, NSW]
Hamilton [Grampians, VIC]
Hamilton [Derwent Valley, TAS]
Hamilton [Brisbane, QLD]
Hamilton East [The Hunter, NSW]
Hamilton Hill [Perth, WA]
Hamilton Island [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Hamilton South [The Hunter, NSW]
Hamley Bridge [Classic Country, SA]
Hamlyn Heights [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Hammond [Flinders Ranges and Outback, SA]
Hammondville [Sydney, NSW]
Hampshire [Burnie and North West, TAS]
Hampstead Gardens [Adelaide, SA]
Hampton [Melbourne, VIC]
Hampton [Blue Mountains, NSW]
Hampton East [Melbourne, VIC]
Hampton North [Melbourne, VIC]
Hampton Park [Melbourne, VIC]
Hannaford [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Hannam Vale [North Coast, NSW]
Hannans [Goldfields WA, WA]
Hansonville [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Hanwood [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Happy Valley [Adelaide, SA]
Happy Valley [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Harbord [Sydney, NSW]
Harbord West [Sydney, NSW]
Harcourt [Goldfields, VIC]
Harden [Capital Country, NSW]
Hardys Bay [Central Coast, NSW]
Harefield [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Harford [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Hargraves [Explorer Country, NSW]
Harkaway [Melbourne, VIC]
Harlaxton [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Harlin [Sunshine Coast, QLD]
Harman [Capital Country, ACT]
Harrietville [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Harrington [North Coast, NSW]
Harrington Park [Sydney, NSW]
Harris Park [Sydney, NSW]
Harrismith [The Heartlands, WA]
Harrison [Capital Country, ACT]
Harristown [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Harrisville [Southern Downs, QLD]
Harrow [Grampians, VIC]
Harston [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Hartley [Blue Mountains, NSW]
Harvey [South West, WA]
Haslam [Eyre Peninsula, SA]
Hassall Grove [Sydney, NSW]
Hastings [Huon Valley, TAS]
Hastings [The Heartlands, WA]
Hastings [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Hastings Point [Northern Rivers, NSW]
Hat Head [North Coast, NSW]
Hatfield [The Murray, NSW]
Hatherleigh [Limestone Coast, SA]
Havenview [Burnie and North West, TAS]
Havilah [Explorer Country, NSW]
Hawker [Capital Country, ACT]
Hawker [Flinders Ranges and Outback, SA]
Hawkesbury Heights [Blue Mountains, NSW]
Hawkesdale [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Hawks Nest [North Coast, NSW]
Hawksburn [Melbourne, VIC]
Hawley Beach [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Hawthorn [Melbourne, VIC]
Hawthorn [Adelaide, SA]
Hawthorn East [Melbourne, VIC]
Hawthorndene [Adelaide, SA]
Hawthorne [Brisbane, QLD]
Hay [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Hay Point [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Hayborough [Fleurieu Peninsula, SA]
Hayes [Derwent Valley, TAS]
Hayman Island [Whitsunday Region, QLD]
Haymarket [Sydney, NSW]
Hazelbrook [Blue Mountains, NSW]
Hazeldene [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Hazelgrove [Explorer Country, NSW]
Hazelmere [Perth, WA]
Hazelwood Park [Adelaide, SA]
Healesville [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Healy [Outback Queensland, QLD]
Hearson [The Pilbra, WA]
Heathcote [Goldfields, VIC]
Heathcote [Sydney, NSW]
Heathcote Junction [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Heatherbrae [North Coast, NSW]
Heatherdale [Melbourne, VIC]
Heatherton [Melbourne, VIC]
Heathfield [Adelaide, SA]
Heathmont [Melbourne, VIC]
Heathpool [Adelaide, SA]
Heathridge [Perth, WA]
Heathwood [Brisbane, QLD]
Heatley [Townsville Region, QLD]
Hebden [The Hunter, NSW]
Hebersham [Sydney, NSW]
Heckenberg [Sydney, NSW]
Hectorville [Adelaide, SA]
Heddon Greta [The Hunter, NSW]
Hedley [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Heidelberg [Melbourne, VIC]
Heidelberg Heights [Melbourne, VIC]
Heidelberg West [Melbourne, VIC]
Helena Valley [Perth, WA]
Helensburgh [Illawarra, NSW]
Helensvale [Gold Coast, QLD]
Helidon [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Hemmant [Brisbane, QLD]
Henderson [Perth, WA]
Hendon [Adelaide, SA]
Hendra [Brisbane, QLD]
Henley [Sydney, NSW]
Henley Beach [Adelaide, SA]
Henley Beach South [Adelaide, SA]
Henley Brook [Perth, WA]
Henty [Grampians, VIC]
Henty [The Murray, NSW]
Henty [South West, WA]
Hepburn Springs [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Herberton [Tropical North, QLD]
Heritage Park [Brisbane, QLD]
Hermannsburg [Central Australia, NT]
Hermidale [Living Outback, NSW]
Hermit Park [Townsville Region, QLD]
Herne Hill [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Herne Hill [Perth, WA]
Hernes Oak [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Heron Island [Rockhampton, QLD]
Herons Creek [North Coast, NSW]
Herrick [North East Coast, TAS]
Herron [Peel, WA]
Herston [Brisbane, QLD]
Hervey Bay [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Hesket [Macedon Ranges and Spa Country, VIC]
Hesse [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Hester [South West, WA]
Hester Brook [South West, WA]
Hewett [Classic Country, SA]
Hexham [The Hunter, NSW]
Hexham [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Heybridge [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Heyfield [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Heywood [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Hickeys Creek [North Coast, NSW]
Hidden Valley [Townsville Region, QLD]
Higgins [Capital Country, ACT]
High Wycombe [Perth, WA]
Highbury [The Heartlands, WA]
Highbury [Adelaide, SA]
Highclere [Burnie and North West, TAS]
Highcroft [South East Tasmania, TAS]
Highett [Melbourne, VIC]
Highfields [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Highfields [The Hunter, NSW]
Highgate [Perth, WA]
Highgate [Adelaide, SA]
Highgate Hill [Brisbane, QLD]
Highlands [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Highpoint City [Melbourne, VIC]
Highton [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Highvale [Brisbane, QLD]
Hill End [Explorer Country, NSW]
Hill End [Brisbane, QLD]
Hill End [Phillip Island and Gippsland, VIC]
Hill Top [Capital Country, NSW]
Hillarys [Perth, WA]
Hillbank [Adelaide, SA]
Hillcrest [Goldfields, VIC]
Hillcrest [Adelaide, SA]
Hillcrest [Burnie and North West, TAS]
Hillcrest [Brisbane, QLD]
Hilldale [The Hunter, NSW]
Hillgrove [New England North West, NSW]
Hillier [Adelaide, SA]
Hillman [Peel, WA]
Hillman River [The Heartlands, WA]
Hillsborough [The Hunter, NSW]
Hillsdale [Sydney, NSW]
Hillside [Melbourne, VIC]
Hillside [The Heartlands, WA]
Hillston [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Hilltown [Classic Country, SA]
Hillwood [Tamar Valley, TAS]
Hilton [Perth, WA]
Hilton [Adelaide, SA]
Hinchinbrook [Sydney, NSW]
Hindmarsh [Adelaide, SA]
Hindmarsh [The Heartlands, WA]
Hines Hill [The Heartlands, WA]
Hinton [North Coast, NSW]
Hithergreen [South West, WA]
Hivesville [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Hobart [Hobart, TAS]
Hobartville [Sydney, NSW]
Hobbys Yards [Explorer Country, NSW]
Hocking [Perth, WA]
Hoddles Creek [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Holbrook [The Murray, NSW]
Holden Hill [Adelaide, SA]
Holder [Capital Country, ACT]
Holland Park [Brisbane, QLD]
Holland Park West [Brisbane, QLD]
Holleton [The Heartlands, WA]
Hollisdale [North Coast, NSW]
Hollow Tree [Derwent Valley, TAS]
Holloways Beach [Tropical North, QLD]
Hollydeen [The Hunter, NSW]
Hollywell [Gold Coast, QLD]
Holmesglen [Melbourne, VIC]
Holmesville [The Hunter, NSW]
Holmview [Brisbane, QLD]
Holroyd [Sydney, NSW]
Holsworthy [Sydney, NSW]
Holt [Capital Country, ACT]
Holt Rock [The Heartlands, WA]
Holwell [Tamar Valley, TAS]
Home Hill [Townsville Region, QLD]
Home Island - Cocos Islands [The Kimberleys, WA]
Homebush [Sydney, NSW]
Homebush Bay [Sydney, NSW]
Homestead [Townsville Region, QLD]
Homewood [Goulburn - Murray Waters, VIC]
Honeywood [Hobart, TAS]
Hope Island [Gold Coast, QLD]
Hope Vale [Tropical North, QLD]
Hope Valley [Adelaide, SA]
Hope Valley [Perth, WA]
Hopeland [Toowoomba and Golden West, QLD]
Hopeland [Peel, WA]
Hopetoun [Murray Outback, VIC]
Hopetoun [Esperance, WA]
Hoppers Crossing [Bays and Peninsulas, VIC]
Hordern Vale [Great Ocean Road, VIC]
Horningsea Park [Sydney, NSW]
Hornsby [Sydney, NSW]
Horseshoe Bay [Townsville Region, QLD]
Horsham [Grampians, VIC]
Horsley [Illawarra, NSW]
Horsley Park [Sydney, NSW]
Hotham [The Heartlands, WA]
Hotham Heights [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Hotham Hill [Melbourne, VIC]
Houghton [Adelaide, SA]
Houston [Melbourne, VIC]
Hove [Adelaide, SA]
Hovea [Perth, WA]
Howard [Fraser Coast, QLD]
Howard Springs [Darwin and Top End, NT]
Howden [Huon Valley, TAS]
Howes Valley [The Hunter, NSW]
Howlong [The Murray, NSW]
Howrah [Hobart, TAS]
Howth [Devonport and Cradle Mountain, TAS]
Hoxton Park [Sydney, NSW]
Hoyleton [Classic Country, SA]
Hughenden [Outback Queensland, QLD]
Hughes [Capital Country, ACT]
Hughesdale [Melbourne, VIC]
Hume [Capital Country, ACT]
Hume Weir [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Humevale [Melbourne, VIC]
Humpty Doo [Darwin and Top End, NT]
Humula [Riverina Naturally, NSW]
Hungerford [Outback Queensland, QLD]
Hunter [Goldfields, VIC]
Hunters Hill [Sydney, NSW]
Huntfield Heights [Adelaide, SA]
Huntingdale [Perth, WA]
Huntingdale [Melbourne, VIC]
Huntingdon [North Coast, NSW]
Huntingfield [Hobart, TAS]
Huntleys Point [Sydney, NSW]
Huntly [Goldfields, VIC]
Hunwick [Great Southern, WA]
Huon [Legends - Wine and High Country, VIC]
Huonville [Huon Valley, TAS]
Hurlstone Park [Sydney, NSW]
Hurstbridge [Yarra Valley - Dandenongs and the Ranges, VIC]
Hurstville [Sydney, NSW]
Huskisson [South Coast, NSW]
Hyams Beach [South Coast, NSW]
Hyde Park [Adelaide, SA]
Hyde Park [Townsville Region, QLD]
Hyden [The Heartlands, WA]
Hynam [Limestone Coast, SA]

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